Friday, September 4, 2015

Tennessee Judge Plans To Rule This Week On Class-Action Status Of School Funding Lawsuit.

The AP (9/3) reports “A Davidson County judge says she plans to rule this week on whether to grant class-action certification on a lawsuit filed by several school boards alleging Tennessee’s education funding shortchanges them and students.” If the case is granted class-action status then all other school districts in the state could join the lawsuit, except for Shelby County, which has filed their own case against the state over education funding. The Chattanooga (TN) Times Free Press (9/3, Sher) also covers the story and quotes Hamilton County BOE attorney Scott Bennett who said, “This is a matter that affects all Tennesseeans. We’re all receiving less money than the Supreme Court has said we need. This underfunding is a problem that belongs to every school system in the state.” The article also reviews some of the arguments made by the lawyers representing both sides concerning class-action certification.

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