Friday, September 18, 2015

MIT President Reaches Out To Ahmed Mohamed.

The CBS Evening News (9/17, story 11, 0:30, Pelley) reported, “In Irving, Texas, this was the last day of Ahmed Mohamed’s suspension for bringing to school a clock he had built.” Ahmed “says he wants to switch schools and eventually go to MIT,” and yesterday, “the president of MIT tweeted that he is delighted.”
        Moniz Tweets In Support Of Ahmed Mohamed. The “Morning Energy” blog of Politico (9/17, Gerstein) reported Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz “tweeted his support for Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas 14-year-old arrested by police after he brought a clock he’d constructed to school.” The Dallas Morning News “said Mohamed had a passion for electronics and robotics” and “he built the clock and brought it to school.” When Mohamed’s “English teacher got a look at it, she decided it looked like a bomb.” Moniz wrote in his tweet: “Keep it up, Ahmed. Our #NationalLabs could use your help building gadgets like this one,” with a link to an image of a camera suitable for high-powered telescopes.

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