Monday, September 28, 2015

NCLB Architects Recount Crafting Of Law.

Politico (9/24) reports that No Child Left Behind “is perhaps the most controversial education law ever passed,” but at the time of its passage “was a unique achievement: a bipartisan reform pushed by a Republican president, shepherded by Ted Kennedy, and signed in the wake of the national tragedy of 9/11.” The article consists of the reflections of some of the original participants of the law’s creation about what it takes “to get a big bipartisan deal done” and about the law’s legacy. Respondents include Dave Schnittger, a former education staffer for John Boehner; former Sen. Judd Gregg; former Rep. George Miller; former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings; Sally Kress, a former senior adviser to former President George W. Bush; and Danica Petroshius, a former education staffer for Kennedy.

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