Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mississippi Lawmakers Refuse To Release Correspondence On Education Funding Initiative.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting (9/1, Boger) reports in its blog that Philip Gunn, speaker of the Mississippi House, and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves are refusing to comply with a request to turn over their correspondence concerning an education funding proposal called Initiative 42, which “allows the legislature to be taken to court if they fail to fully fund the state’s public schools.” Patsy Brumfield with the 42 For Better Schools campaign wondered how far lawmakers would go to defeat the measure, and said, “The public deserves to know what its elected officials are doing on state time to oppose a citizen’s ballot initiative.” The piece notes that Gunn and Reeves have also been asked to release correspondence regarding the measure’s legislative alternative, 42-A, which would not provide the right to sue the legislature.

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