Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Common Core - May 16, 2013

Georgia Governor Asserts State Rights Over Curriculum.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (5/16, Niesse) reports that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal "signed an executive order Wednesday affirming Georgia's rights over how to educate its children free from federal interference. But Deal also maintained his support for Common Core standards," the paper adds, noting that Deal "sought to clarify that standards are not the same as curriculums."
The AP (5/16) reports that Deal's order imposes "restrictions" on the Common Core Standards, and "will prohibit certain student information from being gathered, although he acknowledged that data isn't currently being collected." The AP places the order within the context of the "growing debate over the Common Core standards."
The Atlanta Business Chronicle (5/16, Williams, Subscription Publication) reports, "While the order doesn't specifically mention the Common appears to be Deal's response to a flurry of criticism in GOP circles that the Obama administration is attempting a federal takeover of public education." This piece predicts that the Common Core will be in for significant criticism at an upcoming state GOP convention.

Common Core Opponents Launch "Barrage" At Kansas BOE Meeting.

The Lawrence (KS) Journal World (5/14, Hancock) reports, "The Kansas State Board of Education heard a barrage of criticism Tuesday over" the Common Core Standards, noting that "the state board listened for an hour and a half as speaker after speaker from many parts of the state spoke out against the new Common Core standards for reading and math." The paper describes the anti-Federal opposition voiced by attendees, noting that few "said they objected to the specific content of the standards, but most did share the opinion that they represent a form of federal intrusion into state and local education matters."

Pennsylvania House Holds Common Core Hearings.

The Allentown (PA) Morning Call (5/14, Esack) reports that after several members of the Pennsylvania state Legislature received similar letters that were "part of an organized campaign to paint Common Core standards as an attempt by the federal government to wrest control of public education from state and local school boards," state Rep. Paul Clymer (R) "held a hearing Tuesday on Common Core." The article relates the views expressed at the hearing, and notes that "allegations about federal involvement in the Common Core began in 2010 when President Barack Obama's administration" started tying participation to Race to the Top grants. WPMT-TV Harrisburg, PA (5/15, Gorsegner) reports that the state Senate is now scheduled to hold a hearing on the issue, and lays out arguments for and against the Common Core.

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