Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Missouris Districts Settle

Missouri District Teachers Ratify Contract.

The Springfield (MO) News-Leader (5/14, Riley) reports that teachers in Springfield, Missouri, "unanimously ratified a tentative 2013-14 contract with an across-the-board pay hike and an extra boost to make up a little of the financial ground lost during the economic downturn." The piece describes the pay increases, including boosts to step levels, and quotes Springfield National Education Association President Ray Smith saying, "There's not been a time that I'm aware of that the district has frozen a step and then unfroze it. It was something that was stuck in the craw of a lot of teachers."

Missouri District Board Approves Contract.

The Columbia (MO) Missourian (5/15, Holland, Bauman) reports that the school board in Columbia, Missouri, has approved a contract with the Columbia Missouri National Education Association, noting that the contract "outlines 250 minutes of weekly instructional planning and 25-minute, duty-free lunch periods for full-time teachers." Though there are no raises, the compensation for PD hours is nearly doubled.

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