Thursday, May 16, 2013

Common Core - May 16, 2013

Baltimore Teachers Union Joins Call To Hold Common Core Consequences.

The Baltimore Sun (5/15, Green) reports, "The Baltimore Teacher's Union has called for the district hold off" imposing consequences on teachers and schools related to Common Core-aligned assessments. The Sun notes that this position is in line with that of the American Federation of Teachers, which recently "called for a moratorium on penalties associated with the standardized testing that will measure a radically new curricula being rolled out across the nation, including Maryland, next year."

Indiana Common Core "Pause" Leaves Teachers With Questions.

The Shelbyville (IN) News (5/15, Gable) reports that given the new Indiana law that postpones the state's implementation of the Common Core Standards pending hearings, "local educators are left with more questions than answers." The piece reports that Shelbyville Central Schools Superintendent David Adams "said while the legislation may decide to pause, schools cannot," quoting him saying, "It is our job to prepare students for the future. For years now, the state has given the impression that they were moving forward with the Common Core." Adams laments the time and resources that would be wasted by backing away from the Common Core.

Teachers Stress Importance Of Social And Emotional Learning.

Nirvi Shah writes at the Education Week (5/16) "Rules of Engagement" blog that according to a new survey commissioned by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, "a majority of teachers say it's very important for schools to work on developing students' social and emotional skills." The survey also shows "that a majority of teachers believe that improving students' social and emotional skills will help them do well in school and prepare them for the workforce."

Duncan Phones Minnesota Teacher.

The Forest Lake (MN) Times (5/15, Riese) reports that Education Secretary Arne Duncan phoned Bruce Leventhal, a science teacher at Forest Lake High School in Forest Lake, Minnesota, last Friday, noting that "Leventhal, a self-described 'even-keeled guy,' was rattled" by the call. "For seven or eight minutes, Duncan quizzed Leventhal about his background in science, his application of inquiry education and his beliefs regarding" the Common Core Standards. The article notes that the Teacher Appreciation Week-based call "stemmed from a recent visit to the district by three ambassadors from the US Department of Education."

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