Friday, March 16, 2012

Staff Injuries Are Flashpoint In Restraint, Seclusion Debate

Education Daily (3/15, Sherman) reports on the interest that teachers and staff have in the restraint and seclusion issue, noting that a new report from the American Association of School Administrators suggests that this interest tends to be overlooked as observers focus on the plight of students subjected to such practices. The report "quoted Tammie Morin, director of special services for the Middleton (Idaho) School District, who responded to an AASA survey. 'How would you feel if a student in a classroom became violent and the school staff could do nothing but evacuate the room?' she wrote. '[And] how do you explain to a teacher who physically placed himself/herself between the behavioral student and that of the others (which is what we would expect our teachers to do), that it is expected that they might be physically injured on the job?'"

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