Monday, March 12, 2012

MetLife Poll Reveals Unhappy Teachers Nationwide

Mary Ann Giordano writes in the New York Times (3/9, Subscription Publication, 1.23M) "School Book" blog, "The outpouring of reaction to the release of the teacher data reports, as well as the stream of recent articles on blogs and in other publications, has provided a pretty good sense of how many teachers in New York are feeling these days: disappointed, angry, depressed, put upon and fed up." A newly released survey by MetLife found that "those feelings are not just held by teachers in New York" but rather reflected that "morale among teachers nationwide is the lowest in 20 years." Commenting on the survey, "Sandi Jacobs, vice president of the National Council on Teacher Quality... said the push for evaluations, punctuated by a national movement to curb the power of unions, had fostered an unsettling cultural shift."


Meanwhile, NPR (3/9, Stokes) reports, "What is surprising about the survey's results, however, is how much teachers' job satisfaction has plummeted in just the past three years." According to the survey, reasons cited were "budget cuts in their schools" and teachers watching "their colleagues get laid off in the past year."

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