Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Federal Judge Orders Texas District To Apologize In School Prayer Case

USA Today (3/21, Stanglin) reports that US District Judge Fred Biery "has ordered officials at a San Antonio-area school district to apologize for making disparaging comments to an agnostic family that sued the district over school prayer," noting that Biery "issued what he called a 'non-Kumbaya' order Monday to James Stansberry, superintendent of the Medina Valley Independent School District, and high school band director Keith Riley." The paper describes the terms of the settlement in the case, noting that though these included that district officials not "disparage the plaintiffs," Stansberry "called the case a 'witch hunt,'" and Riley "is accused of posting a Facebook comment saying 'don't get me started on the lies and false accusations' of the former student whose family filed the lawsuit." The San Antonio (TX) Express News (3/21, Contreras) also covers this story.

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