Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More on the Survey

MetLife Survey Shows Decline In Teacher Morale.

The Washington Times (3/13, Wolfgang) reports runs an article on last week's release of the MetLife teacher survey, noting that it indicates that an "increasing number of teachers don't like their jobs and are considering a new line of work." The piece notes that the survey "found that only 44 percent of American public school teachers are 'very satisfied' with their jobs, down 15 percentage points from 2009 and the lowest figure in more than 20 years." Moreover, "Teachers' job satisfaction is at its lowest level since 1989, and the decline has accelerated since President Obama took office in 2009." The Times quotes NEA President Dennis Van Roekel lamenting policymakers' decisions, and saying "Important programs have been cut. Early childhood education has been eliminated. Computers and textbooks were out of date, and classes such as history, art, [physical education] and music - which provide a well-rounded education - are no longer offered."


Writer Admonishes Obama, Duncan To Address Teacher Morale.John Wilson writes about the survey at the Education Week (3/13) "Unleashed" blog, noting that it shows the lowest level of teacher morale "in two decades. Who among us can blame teachers for feeling this way? They have been the target of blame, shame, and disdain by the media, politicians, and so-called education reformers." Wilson defends teachers' integrity, dedication, and value and pans their detractors, concluding that the survey is "is a wake-up call to President Obama and Secretary Duncan," upon whom Wilson calls to be "champions for teachers and excellence in teaching."

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