Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Washington State High School Students Must Pass Math Test To Graduate

The Tacoma (WA) News Tribune (4/16, Blankinship) reports, "Thousands of high school students in Washington's Class of 2013 don't know yet if they will get a diploma later this spring because they have not yet met the state's newest graduation requirement: a math exam." So far, "77.5 percent of this year's senior class have passed three statewide tests, are in line to earn all their credits, and are ready to complete a senior project and write a plan for what they want to do after high school." That means that "about 8,000 students in the class of 2013 have not yet fulfilled the math testing requirement and another 4,300 have not met any of the state testing requirements for reading, writing or math," while several thousand more have not passed all of the necessary tests.

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