Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Michigan District Uses iPads And iPods To Help Students With IEPs

The Saline (MI) Reporter (4/16, Yelick) reports, "Two special education students and their teachers presented the use of iPads and iPods in the classroom to Willow Run School Board at their regular meeting Monday." Teachers "Barb Sartorius and Christine Newell, showed a short video presentation on how the iPads and iPods have been used in the classrooms." Superintendent Laura Lisiscki explained, "It is a full-inclusion program, where the iPads are shared with the general education students...This allows for students to teach other students, which is another benefit of the iPads." They also offer "the opportunity for the special education staff to help students with individualized education programs achieve academically, develop and refine social interaction skills and develop and improve receptive and expressive communication skills."

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