Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Schools Teach News Literacy

The Washington Post (4/16, Bui) reports, "With information so readily available via social media, the internet and traditional news sources, educators say news literacy - teaching students how to identify credible information and good journalism - is increasingly important." Such programs are appearing "across the country, with a growing nonprofit sector dedicated to the cause and new education standards that require students to read and analyze more nonfiction text." Alan C. Miller, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is president of the News Literacy Project, which "develops lesson plans, activities and curriculum for middle and high schools." Those lesson plans can come with "journalists who visit classrooms as part of the lessons, including editors and reporters from about two dozen news organizations such as the New York Times, ProPublica, NPR, CBS News and The Washington Post." The News Literacy Project "is expected to reach about 3,800 students" this year. Miller said that "the new Common Core education standards have driven that demand."

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