Monday, October 26, 2015

Facebook Launches Website To Help Families Learn More About Computer Science Careers.

Bloomberg News (10/21, Frier) reports Facebook launched a website called TechPrep, which aims to help parents who want their children to learn about computer science and develop technical skills. The website offers resources in English and Spanish for parents and children. Facebook hopes the program will increase the number of minority children interested in STEM fields and eventually STEM careers. USA Today (10/21, Guynn) adds TechPrep also offers books, games, and community events to help those interested in computer science of all ages. Facebook also wants to increase the diversity of its own workforce, which is currently 4% Hispanic and 2% African-American. TheWashington Post (10/22, Tsukayama) explains that part of the inspiration for the website came from a survey commissioned by Facebook that found the majority of low-income parents without college degrees “did not know how to help their kids pursue a career in computer science.” Facebook also wants to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of America and other groups to promote the website and the ideas behind it throughout the country.

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