Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Minnesota School District Considering Shorter School Year, Four-Day Weeks

The Minneapolis Star Tribune (4/13, Estrada, Smith) reports that Burnsville, Minnesota, School District "might give students every other Monday off or even send students home for the summer before Memorial Day," in an effort to save $5 million. By extending the school day by about 36 minutes, "the actual number of instructional hours for children will remain the same, as mandated by state law." The savings come from lower transportation costs, "reduced food service expenses as well as lower utility bills, fewer custodial costs and not as many teacher aides or substitution teachers used." Ron Hill, chairman of the Burnsville school board, "said that the effect on child care would be one of the most important issues that the district will consider before deciding to make any changes."


The Huffington Post (4/13, Berman) reports, "Burnsville isn't the only school district looking for creative ways to prevent a budget crisis, according to the Associated Press." Nationwide "the recession has cut into education localities run out of the federal stimulus dollars that have staved off widespread job cuts over the past two years."

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