Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New York Teacher Information Release Sparks Criticism

Maria Newman writes at the New York Times (2/28, Subscription Publication, 1.23M) "SchoolBook" blog, "Some teachers said they worry that the public release of individual teacher data is going to lead to fights over high-performing students, and to the neglect of those who most need their help. Others said they were angry that their teaching careers were being reduced to a sliver of data." The piece notes that the release Friday of 18,000 New York City teachers' rating information has become a major topic in New York education circles, adding that the "the overwhelming reaction from educators and even parents is that the information is too flawed to really be used by anyone to make judgments about who is a good teacher and who is not."


Authorities Consider Outlawing Future Ranking Releases.The Wall Street Journal (2/28, Fleisher, Gershman, Subscription Publication) reports that New York education are considering making future releases of such data illegal in order to prevent a backlash among teachers that could jeopardize the recent breakthrough on teacher evaluations.

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