Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Los Angeles To Replace Entire Faculty At School Where Alleged Molestation Occurred

The temporary closure and the replacement of the entire faculty at a Los Angeles school in the center of a sexual abuse scandal generated significant national coverage today, mostly focused on the outrageous nature of the alleged crimes and the Los Angeles Unified School District's drastic response. The Los Angeles Times (2/7, Blume) reports that LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy has told parents at the elementary school rocked by allegations that two if its teachers had sexually abused a number of students "that the district is replacing the entire staff of Miramonte Elementary School in the wake of the arrests last week of two teachers on lewd conduct charges. The unprecedented move is intended to build confidence among the many families who have lost faith in their neighborhood elementary school. More than a quarter of students did not show up for classes Monday."


The New York Times (2/7, Lovett, Subscription Publication) also reports that the school's "entire faculty" is being replaced, noting that "Deasy announced the school would be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and when students returned on Thursday, an entirely new corps of teachers and staff members would have been hired to greet them. All current teachers, administrators and staff members will be moved to a school still under construction for the rest of the school year, where they will be interviewed by school officials and, if necessary, the police. In addition, a psychiatric social worker will be assigned to every class once the school reopens." Deasy stated that his priorities were to assist victims and "restore parents' trust in the school district."

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